Sad that there is no Twitch client on @fdroidorg
I found TD in archive but it is old and has issues. Than there is but not on F-Droid because of google and other tracking librarys. I tried to remove them but had issues without the libs. Maybe others can help?


What were your concrete issues. Looks like it's mostly used to support in-app purchases (donations?).

Got a fork somewhere?

There is one library I dont get removed. I didnt published my "work" yet because this is done in minutes.
If you want to take a look I can share.

There is also other tracking librarys..

Sure I'll look. Having a good Foss twitch client would be worth a bit of time.

@perflyst And of course many things can be cleaned up. I just did the fastest and dirtiest job I could to get it working without those libraries.

@perflyst @fdroidorg Extremely late, but the better client i could find was Impulse, which is still sadly still not in F-Droid

I cannot find the source code for this client. Can you provide a link?

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