@gkrishnaks I wonder if you wanna add a "toggle everything" in the addon?

Ok I'll note it down in gitlab ticket. :)

Did you notice persistence of allow/block states in cloud firewall settings page? By default, addon resets all toggles to OFF when browser restarts. For advanced users, I added persistence of rules across browser restarts as an optional setting.

I noticed it, but there are sometimes these situations where I need to use google which redirects me to stuff which uses two cloud providers.

Kinda ugly to disable three things

Oh ok, I'll note it down in gitlab ticket as FR "block all, allow all" buttons for popup menu which can push all toggles left or right in one go.


I'm yet to become a cloud firewall addon's regular user myself.. as I focus on adding features to it whenever I get time. So do share any other use case observations like this, or Feature ideas as you use it :)
If you have account, pls go ahead post tickets too in issue tracker.

@gkrishnaks the funny thing is with your addon i "can't" access no gitlab, no github, no AMO (, no, no nothing

well, no, it is sad....

Yeah that's another feature request I already received and I'm going to work on... to allow users to exclude some sites from the block rules. Popup button "Exclude {site}"

Hi, I spent time today to check multiple times if UBlockOrigin filter list updates are blocked when user chooses to block all clouds(Since Cloud Firewall looks at all supported network call types, I was worried)

I observed using UBO logger & also the hosts counts that appear once fetched in UBO filters page. Looks like Firefox doesn't "show" xhr network calls between addons - 1/2


If possible, can u try to purge ubo filter cache, choose all default filters & try update?

Similar to Decentraleyes switch, I have already added a UBO switch in settings page enabled by default in this case, to allow all filter list calls (Collected the default filter lists from my UBO, yet to push to a gitlab branch though) -- Looks like such a switch may not be needed!

@gkrishnaks seems like it works with your addon and all blocks enabled

Yes, not yet available in store. I was just worried and tried to add it. I think it's not needed as Firefox doesn't seem to let one add-on see the webrequest made by another. I'll verify this Statement again. Thank you very much for testing, and yes I should get xmpp soon but you will be the only contact in it 😂

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